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I Human feat. Paul Randolph Remixes 1 (Soul Clap / 2000black / G.I. DISCO)

Within the whole “I Human“ remix package this is probably the funkiest 12inch of them all. It’s a gathering of the funkiest remixers/producers at the moment.

Just having finally released their debubt album “EFUNK“ – Charles Levine and Eli Goldstein aka Soul Clap are considered the dons of the funkier side of house music. With tons of remixes they packed in their hand luggage over the last three years or so they still came up with a rather original idea for this one right here. Deconstructing the track to bits and piecing it back together to form a stormer for the dancefloor. Hands up in the air guaranteed!

Berlin based funkateers G.I. DISCO constructed a 80’s electrofunk rework in the style of Cameo or Zapp. Don’t expect a vocoder though, since they thankfully didn’t dare to mess around with Paul Randolphs beautiful voice.

No new jack to this game called funk is Dennis McFarlane, aka Dego aka 2000Black. The London based producer has been a big player in almost every genre you could think of in the last twenty years – from Drum & Bass to Broken Beats and Dub House and so on and so forth. To build a modern funk monster McFarlane replayed the whole song (intruments by Aladin) and only kept Paul Randolphs voice. Damn funk!

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