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Jah Wobble presents PJ Higgins – Chaingang (Remixes)

Now already almost a year has gone by since “Inspiration”, the collaboration between Jah Wobble and singer PJ Higgins has come out on Sonar Kollektiv. With “Chaingang (Remixes)” we get a further renewal of one of the eight tracks off the album. For instance Utrecht, Netherlands based multi-instrumentalist and producer Pitto gets down to work to morph the song into an eight-minute spheric techno extravaganza. Some sort of a teaser for his upcoming album on Sonar Kollektiv later this year (although it will sound completely different). Also releasing an album on Sonar Kollektiv in 2015 is producer Marlow from Weimar. His voodoo version of “Chaingang” draws nearer to the original and incorporates the jubilee style gospel chanting to a hypnotically impelling rhythm. At the right time at the right place this remix will cause outmost frenzy on the dancefloor. The digital release comes along with an extra dub version of Marlow’s remix and two bonus reworks on top of it. There’s the remix by Future vs. Lodekka pushing “Chaingang” with dubby horn stabs and saxophone as well as by shifting the one to the off beat totally towards reggae. And finally Eva Be turns the track in her very own and typical style completely into a modern dub house anthem.

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