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Homeless – Homeless feat. Len Sander

Homeless is a brand new project from two established producers. It comes on a new label and is an experiment in offering music only, with no back story, no big name artist associations and no label kudos.
Those behind it are keen to see if music can still generate a buzz on its own merits, rather than by trading on existing reputations. On the evidence of the beats in question here, this project is sure to prove that fact in droves, and with three more singles and an album all lined up in the coming months this is the beginning of something pretty exciting indeed.
The one original track here is ‘Homeless’, a sultry bit of brooding dance pop done exquisitely well. Louche instrumentals, smeared synths and gently persuasive drums all encourage you to get loose and drift amongst the soothing vocals. Those vocals are subtle and tender whilst organic hand claps and skewed bass strokes add energy to the seductive groove.
This is a special and stylish new single and exciting conceptual project that gets underway in marvellous style.
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