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Glow In The Dark – Future Bliss

There’s not a lot to tell about the project Glow In The Dark by a certain Harry Miller. Only perhaps we can state that with these eight tracks at hand Harry Miller accomplished probably the most enchanting album of the still quite young year. Just when we wanted to dismiss the short-dated genre of Chillwave wistfully, “Future Bliss” comes along with a bewitching sound hailing from an optimistic but cranky future. Already the opening track “step ONE” with its vocal samples and its spoken word intro is futuristic soul full of affirmation of life pillowed on a synth bedding smoothed to the max up to its edges. But also the following seven tracks spread infectious positive vibes all around.

The magic of Glow In The Dark’s tracks is energized mostly by Miller’s delicate way of treating his various samples, a wary manner one usually only shows when picking up a guitar. And unlike sample based music feeding from Hiphop his tracks are completely free from any sort of nostalgia, because all of his songs are designed for the future through and through.

“Future Bliss” is one hell of a joy ride, from the first note to the last tone. The neon funk of “1987”, the broken beat of “7 Billion = 1”, the synth pop of “The Last Dance” and in general, all of the eight tracks could be little, but great hymns on their own. But only in its entirety they sparkle this fathomless ingeniousness hidden in Glow In The Dark. In the end it seems to be wiser that one has as little background information as possible to be able to lose oneself fully in this “Future Bliss”.

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