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G’emma – Wake Up

Only two months to go until the release of «Types Of Water», the debut EP from G‘emma.

The soul voice, pianist and producer from Berlin is the next big hope of Germany’s soul and funk scene.

Together with the two Tübingen/Freiburg producers Dowakee and Quintin Copper, she recorded a handful of self-penned songs last year, which will now be released as an EP on Sonar Kollektiv. The second single «Wake Up» continues where the first release of this EP («Water») left off: The consistent further development of neo soul à la Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill or Amy Winehouse. G‘emma, whose real name is Emilie Nguimba, does not have to place herself in the shadow of these great singer. She has too much command of a truly unique songwriting and too much of a voice that is currently unparalleled here and now.

We look forward to the upcoming EP at the end of the year and listen to «Wake Up» on heavy rotation until then.

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Gemma Types Of Water EP