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Feiertag – Severance EP

Exploring and studying genres and categories beforeyou break out of its boundaries: it‘s the clever approach which will make Feiertag successful. As a graduate musician and professional drummer he can rely on a solid foundation when he heads off to break chains and set free his musical visions. After two singles on Sonar Kollektiv the Dutch producer releases his long-awaited EP called ‚Severance‘. On this six track EP he develops his idea of warm and vibrating electronic music.

It‘s fascinating to see in what a variety of tempi Joris Feiertag feels comfortable: The rhythmic foundations over which Feiertag spreads his haunting and poetic pop songs range from the heavy downtempo on ‚Black Diamonds & Pearls‘ to the softly jumping beat of ‚My Heartache‘ with its reminiscences of old-school jungle. Not to forget the vocals of the guest singers, which play a crucial role in the charisma of the music on ‚Severance‘. Tessa Rose Jackson‘s voice fascinates and shines with its laid-back air and Oli Hannaford and Alxndr London impress with their versatile vocal expressions. Thus, Feiertag creates an EP which likes to light up its influences from club culture but which never submits to a formula.

‚Severance‘ is a musical gem which celebrates the principles of independence – perfect for all those who can get enthusiastic about a leftfield vision of electronic music.

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