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Feiertag – Saccharine 374

That’s what we have been waiting for a very long time eagerly: The debut album «Time To Recover» by Feiertag will be released finally on May 28th.

After the catchy pop tune «Yearn» already gave us a mesmerizing foretaste of what to expect, now we get another appetizing teaser. The instrumental single «Saccharine 374» tastes like sweet summer, like rampant friskiness and joyful parties outdoors.

The dutch producer extraordinaire Joris Feiertag used the time during lockdown in 2020 to produce enchanting, captivating music, which now finally finds an audience. Imagine a huge meadow full of partying, dancing and hugging people. «Saccharine 374» is the soundtrack to it!

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Feiertag Time To Recover