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Feiertag – Living In Slow

Joris Feiertag is a Dutch producer and drummer hailing from the historic and culturally rich city of Utrecht. His sound is a sophisticated combination of organic and synthesized elements, resulting in warm, melodic and heartfelt electronic music.

Having recently signed to Sonar Kollektiv, Feiertag released his debut long-playing record, Time To Recover, earlier this year. The album mixed Joris’ now trademark sound with a hand-picked selection of guest vocalists and received high praise from international magazines, like DJ Mag and Fazemag, as well as from tastemakers and DJs worldwide. Following on from his debut, and subsequent remixes, he is due to release the Dive mini-album in 2022.

This new project sees the producer return to something like his musical roots, diving deeper into the use of synths and embracing more offbeat melodies. Countering the more uplifting and vocal led nature of Time To Recover, Feiertag found himself searching for more sonorous and somber themes. The first single to be taken from the mini-LP, Living In Slow, does just that – with shades of Photay, Jamie Lidell and even Jacob Collier (vocal-wise at least) it’s a quirky and intimate introduction to the album, featuring sped up vocals, snapping snares, twitchy fx and those haunting synths. It’s a leisurely preface to what is a truly solo project that embraces Joris’ breakbeat roots and is an honest reflection of the producer’s raw energy.

Feiertag is that restless soul and musical magpie who’s always looking for new ways to express the melodies in his mind. Lucky, with a label as open-minded as Sonar Kollektiv, he has the freedom to do just that.

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Feiertag Living in Slow