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Feiertag – Law of Attraction feat. OSHUN

Joris Feiertag is a Dutch producer and live-act from Utrecht in the Netherlands who makes music that is a finely b alanced combination of organic and synthesized elements, often using ingenious syncopated rhythms combined with instruments such as the harp and kalimba.

This autumn he will release Roots, his third album on revered German imprint Sonar Kollektiv. Having concentrated his attention on catchy hooks and a number of guest voices on his first, and deeper breakbeat workouts on his second, Joris felt it was time to deliver something that sat comfortably in a space somewhere between the two. The LP features a plethora of vocalists from across the globe including Berlin based Noah Slee; Rotterdam’s Robin Kester; Guinea born Falle Nioke; Tru Thoughts recording artist Rhi; young spoken word artist from London, Nego True, and Afro-futuristic U.S. hip hop outfit OSHUN, who feature on the new single, Law Of Attraction.

Feiertag first discovered OSHUN, who hail from Washing D.C., when the duo guested on Nightmares On Wax’s sublime track from 2021, Breathe In. Inspired both by NOW’s laid back beats and OSHUN’s gorgeously drowsy vocal delivery, Joris set out to make something that sat in the Feiertag universe whilst drawing sounds from the more soulful corner of the hip hop realm, with it’s chopped up piano samples. Niambi Sala and Thandiwe, the two members of OSHUN, were in exactly the same headspace and the result is a somehow simultaneously laid back and urgent delivery that talks of the joys and challenges of becoming a parent and being “born to live long & love the life that I’ve created.”

Once again, Joris creates new challenges for himself by working with artists outside of his immediate musical sphere. His seemingly endless search to shine a light on new and exciting talent, as well as his tireless work to discover the old and reinvent the new will surely see him break new ground and gain new followers for years to come.

Feiertag – Roots out October 2023.

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Feiertag - Roots Album