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Feiertag – Ceylon

When Sonar Kollektiv released Feiertag‘s debut album «Time To Recover» this summer, one actually thought that the Dutch artist and producer would keep a low profile for some time and wallow in his success.

Far from it! Joris Feiertag already retreated to a remote house for a week and composed new material. If you‘re in such a creative flow as he is right now, then just after a week of concentrated work enough songs for a mini-album come together again.

One of the results: The three track EP called «Ceylon». The middle track, «Palau», was already released in September, but will probably be played on heavy rotation until well into next year – just everywhere and by everyone wishing for summer to come back.

«Oaxaca», on the other hand, could still be the last of the sixteen tracks on «Time To Recover», but makes a lot more sense with its dubby rhythm and driving drums, especially on this EP. Because the title track «Ceylon» is a masterpiece of absolute genre fusion. You can hear influences of jazz, hip-hop, world music, trip hop, funk and of course dub – all genres that have become second nature to the ultra-productive genius of Feiertag.

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