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Eva Be – Trippin On Eva Be

Three years after her collaboration with FAT FREDDYS DROP’s singer JOE DUKIE on her first E.P. Eve’s Time Tonite, EVA BE became one of the most respected artists on Sonar Kollektiv. After 2 very successful EPs on DANIEL W. BEST’s Best Seven Imprint and a handful of remixes for artists such as DUPLEX INC., MICATONE, MARKUS ENOCHSON or TOLCHA, EVA BE is now releasing her album Moving Without Traveling (SBCD0007/SB7020) co-produced by MICATONE’s BORIS MEINHOLD. Trippin’ On Eva Be (SB 7023) is the second 12“ taken from this album and the perfect example of what the future sound of dub will be: a clever mix of many influences ranging from dub and reggae to electro, house and techno.

EVA BE knows the recipe for making great electro-dub tracks and she has all the best ingredients at her disposal. The first tune entitled Tunç is a blend of electro and ragga with a chugging bassline served on a plate of bouncy house beats with a fine oriental flavour. This number is a sure-fire dancefloor filler that will make people dance and jump in the clubs and that will definitely find its place in the box of many DJs. And this is no surprise coming from an artist called Germany’s first lady of dub, electro and house, who has performed all over the world. EVA BE certainly knows how to make people have a great time on the dancefloor!

Trippin’ On Eva Be is a groovy number blended with dub, electro and ragga influences that invites everybody to smile and look at the bright side of life. A fat electronic bass beat gives the tempo, the guitar riffs give the groove and the voice of singer DAVID BEN-PORAT does the rest. Impossible to stay in a bad mood after hearing that tune. It is the perfect cure for sadness and anger and just what you need to put a smile on your face. It’s also a radio hit that will stay in people’s heads the whole summer and longer.

SPLEEN comes up with a magnificent remix in a moody dub style with a fat bassline, that cleverly contrasts with the original. This great alternative called Spleen´s 8 Channel dub remix is a well focussed excursion into texture and mood without losing the positive nature of the original.

Trippin’ On Eva Be is an all-rounder E.P. with music for the dancefloor and dance music for the mind. So come on board and take a trip with Best Seven and its most charming hostess EVA BE.

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