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Enter The Umod

Artists !!! Sometimes there are artists who can’t get enough monikers, names, projects and labels to put their music out. There are people from Detroit doing it, some french house act tends to do it. Maybe it’s about hiding to been seen. Who knows ?!

So, what is the Umod? Maybe we should let the artists take over and let him describe what that is all about.

“Umod is about going backwards to go forwards. Meeting people you like and then having to leave them and possibly never seeing them again. Loving someone and someone loving you. Being inspired. Checking ones self. Thinking. Feeling. Seeing people again. Now the circle is complete.”
Umod, 2004.

Aha, well that didn’t gave us the answer to that question. But if you read the name backwards you might move forward. So, this young fellow somewhere from West London gave us his mighty first longplayer “Enter The Umod” (SK030CD/SK030LP). He also recorded a 12″ for us as Zoltar named “Story Of An Age / Wah Wah” (SK018). Plus, there’s a Umod single “Tromboline / On The Down Low” (SK031), where you can hear all three of them: Umod, Zoltar and Domu. You can also enjoy his music as Sonar Circle, Bakura, Realsides, Rima, Yotoko and Domu on labels like 2000Black, Archive, Cookin’, Irma, Compost, Especial.

This record cames along with ten tracks presenting an astonishing beat science and damn good sound. It’s really the sum of all of Domu’s favourite musical styles, Hip-Hop, Jungle, Detroit, Brazilian, Jazz, Funk, Soul.

Good music doesn’t need too much comments, so please have a good listen and we hope you will enjoy the record.

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