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Double U – Life Behind A Window

We love and we hate CD-Rs. Funny, how good music shows up sometimes. Entering the top of the CD-R hype charts Double U caught our attention. He’s presenting his song writing and performing talent in his own unique sound universe. Hard to describe it, but we’d say something between french chanson style and Prefuse 73 hipfolk hop. Already collaborating with Sonar Kollektiv’s Dimlite for a remix of their side project Moonsoon he was stepping closer to our inner circle. If you still have no idea what we are talking about we suggest that you should rave down the night, listen to Double U in your car stereo afterwards and enjoy the sunrise. Our intern survided this long term test program so we can really recommend it.

There will be a 12″ release featuring a Metabo Man remix of “Secret Love”, a Moonsoon remix of “Blind Colors” and one bonus song by Double U himself.

This is for you, only you … or double u.

Biography (written by Double U):
The story begins when I was 10, our family doctor suggested my mother that I should learn an instrument because I was very clumsy, and a bit “disorganised”. So my mother bought me a guitar. Good idea! Since this time, music has been my passion and the most important thing with love. When I was a philosophy student my several bands experiences were kind of love and hate stories that keep me far from reality and work. At this period I was more a “rock kid” than in “electronics”. My heroes were Sonic youth, Sebadoh … At the age of 26 I established my own records shop in south of France (Montpellier), spending all my days listening records from Jazz to electronica. My faves were Boards Of Canada, Shuggie Otis, Company Flow, Joao Gilberto …
I started to DJ at this period & I also started the Double U project in my bedroom with an MPC and few instruments like a guitar and a prophet 600 keyboard … it was 2 years ago. Then I stopped the record store (it was a bit boring in a quite small city and business was not really my thing…) & I decided to go to Paris to concentrate on my music … I made an EP called “lonely swings” on Mel Recordings, which is my really early work, and a tape for Superheights Institute (which is music supposed to be listened in a sports car).
This year I started a label called Wool recordings with my friend Laurent. Together we’re doing a more electro project called Moonsoon. On the other hand I really concentrate myself on the “live thing”, which will be ready for spring. It will be more atmospheric and accoustic than the record; it’s really a challenge for me. I don’t really know how to qualify my music; it’s connected with folk and pop but also with hip hop and electronica, I think it’s quite simple and easy to listen and I would be really happy if it could speak to Soul … the dreamer and lover part of each one.

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