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Dimlite – This Is Embracing

Time flies by. His older sister always hated when he stole her Pop music tapes, but recently she had to admit that her music, together with dozens of taped radio shows, eventually found a better use in his bedroom, as they were a first cornerstone of an endlessly growing passion for sound and music. Dimitri Grimm aka DIMLITE himself says he ‘borrowed’ those tapes. Another brick was laid in 9th grade when he lent a synthesizer from the school’s music teacher (a jazz and gospel aficionado, who played a key role in leading the way to the obvious black music influence in Dimitri’s sound). During the week that he was allowed to toy around with this first piece of real gear, he filled a whole tape with all kinds of circling noises and atmospheres with the purpose to make «music to smoke to».

A couple of years and many try-outs later, DIMLITE is still into borrowing… anything from money over amplifiers to snare drums. The purposes certainly have changed, and so has the music. In 2003, Berlin based record label Sonar Kollektiv picks up one of DIMLITE´s demos called «A/DD», a four tracker on which every tune is a shiny jewel of quirky, emotional boombap dopeness. After its release the record, produced only with an EMU ESI-32 and an Atari, receives glorious underground radioplay, spins and charting from well known Djs from Zurich to London and Toronto, and from Los Angeles to Kyoto. The following debut album «Runbox Weathers» pretty much did the same in 2005 while it added to creating DIMLITE’s own niche of beat-science. Additionally it got a latter of good reviews and kind reactions from all over. Most writers forgot to mention one thing though that the world needs to hear: This swiss kid is far ahead of a good dozen of overhyped cats out there! (laughter, applause, drumroll)

«Runbox Weathers» raised the stakes, definitely for himself and possibly for the listeners, too. As the time keeps passing, the spectrum keeps broadening, the synths keep swirling, the electric piano stays dominant, the bass got teeth and a big belly, and the drums speak of rhythm hidden in our bones. Random objects are being recorded and turned into waves of harmonies; beloved third party sources get interrupted on their fast voyages, chopped, rearranged and released again to start a new travel. Ugliness floats along with beauty – more than ever on the new album «This Is Embracing». For the first time we find real guests on a DIMLITE record. GABY HERNANDEZ from Los Angeles, known as a member of CARLOS NINO´s (AMMON CONTACT) bandprojects BUILD AN ARK and THE LIFE FORCE TRIO, lends her voice to a simple, but moving duet with Grimm. Gladly we can say that this most possibly won’t be the last Gaby and Dim collaboration. The second feature, «Sophisticated Youthpower», happens to be a classic Myspace collaboration with BUDDY LEEZLE a.k.a. Buddy Leroy from the band 215/TFK. This young genious had just started some sort of international internet-collabo-vendetta when the two minds digitally clashed. Files quickly got swapped between Bern and Texas, and BUDDY took the opportunity to come up with a smacking verse to present his brand new attitude. By now he has probably collaborated with the entire planet.

What else have we got here? Simply put, the next notch after «Runbox Weathers», an album like a trip, full of instrumental bliss to fill your soul and make your head nod like «yes». But taking into account that words in most cases are only silver, we would like to let the sonic tales, skits, intermezzos and left-out words speak, since this is what DIMITRI does best. Here goes the second DIMLITE LP «This Is Embracing» and it sounds beautifully alive.

Press Quotes:
“Tipped as one of the most innovative musicians of the 21st century, this album is to be embraced with both hands. Play it and let it take you on its trip”
Chloe Firetto-Toomey, Out of Hand –

“Dimitri Grimm is one of those special producers (like Hebden, Herbert and
Daedelus) who seem to effortlessly create an intense atmosphere, and a true sense of harmony in their music, from what appear to be atonal, sliced and diced, clicks, beats and glitches.”
Straight No Chaser –

“Startling stuff… stick with it and you’ll not just enjoy the experience, but want to return for further investigation”
Matt Anniss, iDJ –

“A dazzling album”
Dom Servini, Straight No Chaser –

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