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Clara Hill meets Vikter Duplaix

Ever since CLARA HILL caught VIKTER DUPLAIX´s voice on the subliminal Messages she had the secret wish to collaborate with him one day. After witnessing her beautiful voice on various productions by exceptional artists such as JAZZANOVA, ATJAZZ, SANDBOY and in partnership with GEORG LEVIN (WAHOO) on the subliminal (I Got) Somebody New it was only a matter of time until CLARA and VIKTER could both add their soft and deep voices to one tune together. As the connection to Mr. DUPLAIX was already established through his collaborations with JAZZANOVA and the time was ripe for Clara’s second album she reinforced the contact and got in touch with him. By the time Vikter made his way over to Berlin he had already prepared two songs of which one ended up to become Paper Chase. The lyrics about wasting no time in order to be with one another as much as possible were written by both of them while recording in the studios of JAZZANOVA ROSKOW KRETSCHMANN and VOLKER MEITZ. Soon after, Vikter arranged and finished the song back in LA and sent it off to legendary KEVIN “KD” DAVIS for the final mixdown. The simplistic beat pattern swings it´s way along the main saw tooth and atmospheric background synths which leave enough room for the vocals to breathe the centre of the tune.

CHRISTIAN SCHELLMANN aka FUNÉS and FLORIAN ZINCK form the duo and have been in touch with CLARA HILL for a long time through a private and musical friendship. Back in the days Christian released the song Don´t Hesitate with the help of Clara´s vocals on DIXON´s Recreation imprint whereas all three were involved in the band STEREOTON with which they already had 3 releases on Sonar Kollektiv. Florian and Christian were part of the production team for Clara´s last longplayer Restless Times (SK009CD/LP) and since then re-established their musical partnership to form SPLEEN. Currently they are working on their debut album in a Berlin Kreuzberg studio. Their remix relaxes Paper Chase down to hip-hop tempo and gives it a contemporary r´n´b feel without losing the essential deepness of the original.

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