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Capitol A – In The (Re)mix / Serve It Up

The original of In the mix first appeared on Sonar Kollektiv 4 (SK070CD). Now here the track is again in a fresh new version on 12″ format entitled In The (Re)mix. That together with massive track Serve It Up makes this a must have maxi single. In ANTOINE GREEN, better known as CAPITOL A, Sonar Kollektiv have a real jewel. With his unique skills and his personality as a DJ and MC he has already won over musical greats like THE ROOTS, BEBEL GILBERTO, SUZANNE VEGA and DIGABLE PLANETS.

The SLOPE boys produced the song In the mix with Philadelphia based MC CAPITOL A exclusively for last years collosol compilation CD Sonar Kollektiv 4 (SK070CD). The sounds are supplied by SLOPE while CAPITOL A checks the mic like no other can. Now with In The (Re)mix they deliver a top new version of this classic track. But this is by no means the first time CAPITOL A and SLOPE have worked together, they are practically crew. CAPITOL A also features on SLOPEs remix 12″ from 2004 with the wide track Citysteps (a track which can also be found on Sonar Kollektiv 3 compilation) as well as on their album Komputa Groove (SK055). And with no less than 9 solo releases SLOPE are one of Sonar Kollektiv’s biggest artists. So whenever SLOPE and CAPITOL A hook up, you know the results are going to be good. This is all about the creativity of positive music. B-side track Serve It Up is a collaboration CAPITOL A did with english artist CLYDE. The track was originally released in 2003 on ATJAZZ’s Mantis Recordings (MANT024). Indeed the track is produced by ATJAZZ who is currently also enjoying his latest release For Real EP on Sonar Kollektiv sub-label Innervisions (SK088). A shout has to go to JANE HAMILTON for her lush vocal hook “i got what you need baby c’mon”. This is without a doubt, something you can’t resist. It is just such a supremely funky groove.

CAPITOL A feels at home in so many styles ranging from deep house to hip-hop, and everything in between. In the US he is a permanent fixture at the longest running and most celebrated club nights in Philadelphia, “Back to Basics”, where he regularly DJs alongside the likes of JAZZY JEFF, JOSH WINK and KING BRITT with whom he was on the recent BBE tour. On SK109 you have two immensely varied tracks; the first coming from classic hip-hop roots, the second taking the sound in a more future jazz or house direction. It’s no wonder JAZZANOVA have also chosen both tracks for their new “Best Of” Sonar Kollektiv …Broadcasting (SK092CD). This music takes you to a place you want to go!

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