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ComixXx – Can You Feel?

By the beginning of next year the time has finally come! The most anticipated newcomer album of the year (at least for Sonar Kollektiv and entourage) is seeing the light of day: “The Great Escape”, the debut by the man who calls himself ComixXx.

Now we get a primal teaser of this album and it will most definitely take the rest of the unillumined world’s heart by storm. Sebastian Damerius aka ComixXx has spent more than a whole year in his Berlin studio to work meticulously on a future classic of modern club music. His sound aesthetics, his sense for stirring arrangements and his humor and wit always present in his approach of making music convinced Sonar Kollektiv-A&R manager Alex Barck profoundly. In a way that he, for the very first time, plunged into someone else’s project head over heels to put the final touch to the album together with Damerius. It was also Barck, who one day this spring suddenly turned up in ComixXx’ studio with a 15-year old girl. When his daughter Pauline raved about a colleague from her church choir some weeks earlier, Papa Barck shrugged it off as childish exuberance. But soon after, when he carried out his duties as a father visiting a concert of said choir and heard 15-year-old Mirna‘s voice for the first time, he knew exactly that she and ComixXx’ productions make a match in heaven. The Vinyl Mash Up-Version (only available on this 12inch release) of “Can U Feel?” was the track Mirna wrote her very own lyrics to. These deal with confidence, emancipation and deliverance („shout it out loud, be the person you are and you wouldn’t fall down“) becoming anthem-like along the way. As if the Berlin grammar school pupil’s voice wasn’t astonishing enough, also her skills for songwriting are precociously excellent. This all sounds so mature and serene, but at the same time fresh and innocent you tend to praise Mirna as the next Fräuleinwunder and draw comparisons with Adele or Lorde. But one thing is for sure already now: This is not the last time you’ve heard from Mirna!

A further bit of degusatation is served by ComixXx in form of “Miss You”. This is a study in melancholy and yearning, an emotional balancing act between sorrowfulness and assurance – wrapped up in a clutching dance pop track you can’t pigeonhole at any point. Anxiously and with a thrill of anticipation we’re looking forward to finally get on the “The Great Escape”.

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