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The Black 80s new on Sonar Kollektiv

We’re happy to announce a new signing to our family: The Black 80s. Philadelphia’s own, Hollis P Monroe is responsible for classic songs in both the Deep House and Funky Breaks genres. Over the last 20 years, Hollis has made sporadic yet significant musical contributions on highly respected labels including Ovum, Defected, West End, Stickman, Soul Candi, and Jive Electro. In 2012, Hollis was rejuvenated by Noir Music’s superb remixes of his timeless track, “I’m Lonely” and reinforced by ultra-talented Montreal music veteran but relative newcomer to House music, Overnite. Overnite brings his vast experience as a vocalist and producer into the musical direction, DJ sets, and live performances as they swiftly moved forward as The Black 80s.
Warm welcome guys! And we don’t have to wait much longer for their debut album “Heart To Art”.

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