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Based On Misunderstandings 07 – Manhooker & Snax

The seventh episode of the Based On Misunderstanding series is true show-stopper: Last summer the ultra hot duo Manhooker (Tomasz „Guiddo“ Switala and Sebastian „Mavin“ Magassouba) digged itself together with Paul Bonomo aka Snax (Capatain Comatose) in its studio to record with „Cloud 9“ a veritable late summer hit. Once their first 12inch on Ostgut Ton caused a burst of enthusiasm, the hype will be fuelled with this release. This is pop music at its best with lots of soul for the sophisticated dancefloor.


You can’t think of a more appropriate remixer than Justus Köhncke for this sensitive tune. The Cologne based producer aims even more directly to the club, but doesn’t  takes the soul out of the track neither Snax’ captivating piano solo. Another magnum opus in Köhnckes already superior portfolio of remixes.

On the flipside we get a „Special Deal“. Here you can hear Snax’ presence even more boldly. His affection for 80’s electrofunk meets the adorable soul of Mavin’s voice. Would „Cloud 9“ not already be a stupendous stand-out track, you’d have to speak of a definite sure shot here. Airplay guaranteed!

For the „M1 Space Dub“ version Manhooker used the legendary Patch #17, Organ 2 of the Korg M-1 (of Robin S’ „Show Me Love“ fame from 1990). Spreading this way some magic dust on the track to make it even deeper.

And then we have one of the best DJs from Brazil added to the game. Marcio Vermelho from Sao Paolo is by now widely across the borders of South America known for his stylistically confindent mix of Nu Disco, Boogie Funk and sentimental house. This on eright here is one of his first official remixes. It won’t be his last one for sure!

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