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Based On Misunderstandings 06 – Hannes Fischer

Just when you thought we run out of them, we’re proud to introduce the next wunderkind of the Berlin techno-/house scene: Hannes Fischer was born in Thüringen, raised in Baden-Württemberg and finally moved to the capitol of club culture. Here he caught attention in no time with unofficial remixes for Adele, Bon Iver and Lana Del Rey. His remix of “Down On Your Own” by Dems sports now more than half a milion views on Youtube. It didn’t take long therefore until an official remix request for Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness” dropped in. As much fun as it is for Fischer to do reworks of existing tracks, as eager one now awaits his own original material. And you can be assured: he has accumulated quite a lot.

His 12inch for the “Based On Misunderstanding” series on Sonar Kollektiv is a stroke of genius in every sense. With “Deep Field” he connects the dots between deepest house and ethereous space boogie somewhere along the reference points of John Daly and Space Dimension Controller. Its electrifying bass line and a Balearic guitar break make “Mystic Mountain” catch the spirit of the times right on. With all the ideas stuck in this single track others would have filled a whole album.

Obviously Fischer will be flooded with remix inquires over the next few months. Which will hopefully still leave him with enough time to start working on his debut album. Who doesn’t want more of this?!

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