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Based On Misunderstandings 04 – Paskal & Urban Absolutes

The loose series „Based On Misunderstandings“ returns. After the last release in 2009 the series initiated by Jazzanova DJ Alex Barck based on his former club night at Berlin’s Weekend, we are now treated with its fourth installment.

After having built up a small catalogue of striking releases on their own, Alexander Kastner and Adrian Hoffmann decided in late summer 2009 to start a musical cooperation project by the name of Paskal & Urban Absolutes. Eventhough one lives in Berlin (Alexander) and one in Essen (Adrian) the twosome developed their very own idea of modern club music – somewhere between slo-mo house, downbeat and even pop.

„Pieces“ features the vocals of Aniya Ouu and is a lush, poppy slow house track at a gentle 105 bpm that will also get radio airplay. The Alex Barck remix adds emphasis to the tune by pumping the bassline towards Chicago house and adding piano stabs in a Basement Boys fashion. Of course his rework has Barck’s typical handwriting all over it: sudden breakdowns, off-kilter rhythm patterns and the guarantee to fill dancefloors worldwide.

On the B side we have Rockford Inc. taking care of business. Rockford Inc. is one of the many aliases of Oliver Marquard, aka DJ Jauche, aka Robin Master’s Orchestra, aka Jack Flash (of 1999 Love Parade anthem „Love Is In The Air“ fame). The DJ/producer who is one of the leading and most progressive characters in Berlin’s nightlife (he has been DJing from Tesor to Ostgut to Panoramabar) knows how to turn a beautiful pop song into a club monster. His „Miss Meier Dreams Of Happiness“ remix is a very-late-night tale with a very happy end. Who needs sleep tonight?

As a digital bonus track you’ll get the dub version of „Pieces“. It’s not just an instrumental of the original track though, but an augmented club track at around 118bpm.

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