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Gun Dog w / Alex Barck Remix Sweet Pain / Just A Boy - Remixes


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Boris Meinhold (guitar, composition, main producer):
Boris Meinhold started his musical career as a guitarist and was interested in the late 90s to work with samplers and computers. Besides Micatone he composed and produced theater, advertising and film music (e.g. for Fatih Akin's music movie "Crossing the Bridge") and mixed recordings for various artists and bands in his studio.

Lisa Bassenge (vocals, composition):
Lisa Bassenge has been singing since her childhood. She has already done 13 longplayers with various projects and can be heard as a guest on several other tracks. Together with Paul Kleber she has her own band, whose last, highly acclaimed 2011 album "Nur Fort," was released on Minor Music in 2011. She is also the lead vocalist of the electro-chanson formation “Nylon” and writes music for theaters.

Paul Kleber (bass, drums, composition):
Paul Kleber started with cello lessons, but rather exercised the drums before he switched to bass playing. He plays alongside the projects with Lisa Bassenge also in the live band of Jazzanova, in the formation and

Sebastian Demmin (piano, keyboards)
After years of violin and piano lessons, Sebastian Demmin discovered the computer as a musical instrument. In the ‘90s he began to work with his Atari ST, various synthesizers and samplers. He has worked as a studio and live musician, producer and remixer for various artists,including Ellen Alien, Daft Punk, Burnt Friedman and others. Besides of that he is one founding member of the Berlin band “Nylon”.


Own Releases

Sweet Pain / Just A Boy - Remixes, 12inch + Download
SK243 (2012)
Gun Dog w / Alex Barck Remix, 12inch + Download
SK236 (2012)
Wish I Was Here, CD
SK235CD (2012)
Handbrake, WAV Download
SK235S (2012)
Last Christmas, 7"
SK202 (2008)
Nomad Remixes, 12inch + Download
SK067 (2005)
Nomad Songs, CD
SK061CD (2005)
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (That's The Way ..., CD Single
SK064CDM (2005)
Is You Is, CD
SK004CD (2003)
Is You Is, MP3 Download
SK004MP3 (2003)
Plastic Bags & Magazines, 12inch + Download
SK004EP (2003)
Step Into The Gallery, 12inch + Download
SZ4006 (2001)
Remixes, 12inch + Download
SZ4004 (2001)
Nine Songs, CD / 2xLP
SZCD0001 / SZ4005 (2001)
Micatone EP, 12inch + Download
SZ4003 (2000)

Exclusive tracks

"Quiet Boy"
Ten Years, Who Cares?, Sonar Kollektiv (2007)
Belle et Fou, Sonar Kollektiv (2007)
"Nomad" (Radio Citizen Remix)
Homecooking - Soulfood Served by Jazzanova & Friends, Sonar Kollektiv (2006)
"That's The Way It Goes"
Sonar Kollektiv 3, Sonar Kollektiv (2004)
"Run" (Seiji Mix)
Sonar Kollektiv 2, No Zession / Sonar Kollektiv (2003)
In>Session, Sonar Kollektiv (2002)
Sonar Kollektiv, Sonar Kollektiv (2001)


Nicola Conte "Arabesque" (Micatone's Full Vocal Mix)
In>Session, (2002)
Space Clique "Continue The Journey" (Micatone Mix)
In>Session, (2002)


Lisa Bassenge:
Billie Holiday
Nat King Cole Trio
The Beatles
White Album, Abbey Road
John Coltrane
Miles Davis
Circle In The Round
Fats Domino
Cooking With Fats
Sign Of The Times
Carmen McRae
(most of her work)
Nina Simone
I Put A Spell On You
Chuck Berry
Run Run Rudolph

Boris Meinhold:
Dizzy Gillespie
Monterey Jazz Festival 1961
Tom Waits
Blue Valentines
Cinematic Orchestra
Elton John
Tumbleweed Connection
London Electricity vs Jon Forte
P.B.E. Remixes
Earth, Wind & Fire
Esther Phillips
Home Is Where The Hatred Is
Sly Stone

Paul Kleber:
Miles Davis
Live At Plugged Nickel
Bill Evans
You Must Believe In Spring
Herbie Hancock
Stevie Wonder
Songs In The Key Of Life
Medeski, Martin & Wood
Sly Stone
The Meters
Cissy Strut
The Remixes 1997-2000
Matthew Herbert
Bodily Functions
Waltz For Koop