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Based On Misunderstandings 06 Together w / Remixes by Mat.Joe & Clap!Clap!
Hannes Fischer

Hannes Fischer

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Hannes Fischer

Coming from a rich musical background, Berlin based Hannes Fischer is a versatile DJ/Producer with a focus on Deep House and Disco sounds. He grew up near Stuttgart, Germany. He learned to play the Guitar for some years but had always more fun playing on the keyboard or trying to mix with his first CD-Player and a tapedeck.
After surviving Eurodance in the 90‘s he stayed in different places all over Germany where he got in touch with all kinds of musical styles. In 2009 he moved to Berlin where he finally feels like home. Hannes started his career mainly as a producer by making bootlegs of tracks he liked. Some digital releases on small house labels later and thanks to the success of his edits he got some attention from well-known artists like Chloé, Phonique, Solomun, David August and others, and moreover receiving the chance to remix Lana Del Rey in 2012.
Hannes is open minded for almost every music genre, characteristic for his works are deep basslines and spacy/dreamy sounds. Whether it’s his edits, own productions or dj-sets, you can always expect a huge amount of good feelings.


Own Releases

Together w / Remixes by Mat.Joe & ..., WAV Download
SK288D (2014)
Based On Misunderstandings 06, 12inch + Download
SK255 (2013)

Exclusive tracks

"Mystic Mountain"
Based On Misunderstandings Vol.1, Sonar Kollektiv (2013)


Alex Barck "Re-set" feat. Pete Josef (Hannes Fischer Remix)
Reunion Remixed, Sonar Kollektiv (2014)
Alex Barck & Jonatan Bäckelie "Doubter (Hannes Fischer Remix)"
Sonar Kollekting Vol.1, Sonar Kollektiv (2013)