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Âme …mixing

The success story of the two guys from Karlsruhe KRISTIAN BEYER and FRANK WIEDEMANN aka ÂME is showing no signs of waning. Having led the annual charts of Groove and De:Bug magazines, provided PETE TONG with a single of the month and even making a DJ mix for said DJs BBC show, the Essential Selection. Their hit Rej which has been christened by LOUIE VEGA and DANNY KRAVIT (Masters At Work) as the “Plastic Dreams” of the new millenium is being released in a new interpretation on Defected in autumn. To coincide with this, they will release their first official compilation ÂME …mixing. Their DJ sets are currently being celebrated everywhere from Miami to Paris and Helsinki, so it was only a matter of time until they immortalized one of their kicking mixes for home use on an official mix album.
Sonar Kollektiv label bosses JAZZANOVA delivered the first in this …mixing series and in so doing earned worldwide thanks for making one of their eclectic DJ sets available in digital format for the first time. The duo from Karlsruhe’s selection is no less varied as they switch from old to new, through house, disco, minimal and techno.

Synth pioneer LAURIE SPIEGEL, who already presented a prototype of the Detroit Techno Sound in the 70s, sets things off with her Appalachian Grove 1 which was written in Fortran (an old computer programme, long before Basic or C). The unusual track 24 Hours From Culture II from 80s Dutch wave band NEW MUSIK is to this day a favourite of DJs like DANIELE BALDELLI and DJ HARVEY. He later also used the classic Woman Of The World by Swiss group FORMATION DOUBLE on his legendary Sarkastic Disco mix.
Stand Up from NEXUS could easily be mistaken for a METRO AREA number. Besides ÂME another name that is often being mentioned with regards to the Deephouse Renaissance is HENRIK SCHWARZ. His most striking remix to date is also his most timeless. The way he accentuates the voice of ROBERT OWEN with opulent strings on COLDCUT’s Walk A Mile means it’ll still give you give you goose bumps in ten years.

BEN WESTBEECH is the star of GILLES PETERSONS new label BROWNSWOOD RECORDS. His track So Good Today unites the typical YORUBA style with analogue Chicago sounds. God of remixers, CARL CRAIG’s version of JONNY L’s This Time was previously only available as a promo so for some the search for this jazz, house and techno hybrid ends with this release. The latest addition to the Innervisions label which ÂME started with DIXON is GILB´R und I:CUBE aka CHATEAU FLIGHT. Their wide tune Baroque makes the perfect bridge to LUCIANO’s Stone Age which has been a central part of the ÂME DJ set for over two years so could not have been left out of this collection. Flashback 86 sounds, as the title suggest, as though it might have been made in the late 80s, however actually it is produced by JONATHAN BURNIP who can otherwise be found behind the counter of London’s SOUL JAZZ record store.
DERRICK MAY’s FUNTOPIA feat. JIMI POLO remix was also previously only available as a promo. It was given to ÂME by DOMINIC CAPELLO, manager of Glasgow’s SUB CLUB. Of course ÂME’s own breakthrough track, Nia, must be celebrated once more before it gets slightly quieter, although no less exciting, with JUMP CUTZ Deep Introspection #5. This track is another true classic and favourite of NEEDS CREW that has long been almost impossible to get.

As a whole, ÂME’s …mixing is not just a bridge between old and new, club and home stereo. It also serves as an interesting connection between various musical genres which are currently dominating the good metropolitan clubs.

Press Quotes:
““AME’s the best mix album of the year. Cosmic, soul stirring
electronic dance music Carl Craig watch your back!””
Metro London –

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