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Alexander IV – Rue

Rue is the second single from Alexander IV – the latest pseudonym of eclectic Dutch producer and multi-instrumentalist, Feiertag. This newly adopted moniker sees the music maker, largely known for his club friendly offerings, delve into the more rootsical side of his sonic output – taking in hip-hop, jazz, funk and soul along the way.

With his latest opus, our illustrious tunesmith delivers a tale in two very distinctive parts. The first offers up loosely looped guitars and sunny keys, wrapped around boom-bap beats and seemingly deliberately incoherent, ethereal vocals. Then halfway through, he switches to something altogether more dub influenced, complete with heavily treated percussive stabs and a plethora of echoes and effects. Subtle but life affirming pianos also join the fray before a reverberating vocal refrain completes the story of what is another euphoric yet refined downtempo jam from this master of his craft.

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