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Pre-12inch off the album “The Damage Is Done”

The man behind Hot Coins, Danny Berman, is best known by his Red Rack’em moniker. A purveyor of the finest club music from hip hop and soul through to house and techno. A DJ/producer who has progressively climbed electronic music’s precipitous ladder of approval. A vinyl obsessive. A party starter from NG to BK.

This very personal project is sonically inspired by Berman’s love of dance music’s fruitful 78-82 period that embraced the cross pollination of emerging post-punk, disco and electro scenes. Goths and futurists in England danced to Kraftwerk and DAF, New York punks and no-wavers danced to ESG and ‘Planet Rock’. Good times…

…and bad times. Lyrically, Hot Coins candidly delves into fear and paranoia motivated by the destructive excesses of modern clubbing. The dark side of the dancefloor, the inevitable comedown and the transcendence that can follow.

‘Geek Emotions’ is the first single to be taken from upcoming album ‘The Damage Is Done’ – a loser’s anthem for the eternal underdog. It means more when a geek wins than when a winner does – but geeks never win. No-one tells that story. The track features guitar from Chris Todd of Crazy P and a lead vocal by City Hayes.

Informed by sounds from A Certain Ratio to The Strokes, ‘Freestyle Lover’ sets the tone for the upcoming album. As well as Berman’s vocal debut he also played all instrumentation – taking the punk-DIY ethos literally.

A stunning remix from Dresden based DJ/producer and Trans-Media-Lab artist Jacob Korn completes the EP.

LP ‘The Damage Is Done’ will be released by Sonar Kollektiv in early 2013.

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